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Keeping your kids active inside during the cold winter

Children’s growing bodies need movement at their age. But the weather becomes cold, windy and damp in winter. Sometimes schools even close. Teachers, child caregivers, and parents have to stay inside and just want to warm themselves in front of the stove. But kids cannot just stay there for four hours and just watch TV or play video games. You should make your child active during the cold winter by letting them do some indoor activities which are beneficial for the children and then the environment.

What kind of indoor activities you should look for? The following suggestions are for your reference:

First, you can play hide and seek.

This wonderful playground game is very popular among kids, which is also very classic. It can be easily played inside or outside, and entertains kids for a long time! One kid should count from one to ten and search through all the corners, cabinets and closets of your home.

Second, you can play the game of indoor snowball fight.

Everyone likes to have a snowball fight. But it’s impossible for some people to get snow. What is the solution? You don’t need snow to have a fight! Why? As you can use stuffed animals, bean bags crumpled up pieces of paper and soft balls instead of the real snow! Is it interesting, smart and creative? Everything you need to do is to divide the room in half. And you need to divide all of the people into two teams so as to begin the snowball fight. Your child absolutely forgets that they are stuck inside all day long if you can offer a fun game like this.

Third, you can offer kids an obstacle course.

An obstacle course can be easily created by parents in your house with masking tape. You should place the tape on the floor so that it can guide kids through the obstacle course, which is an active game, helping develop kids’ critical thinking skills. Of course, you can also let your kids design an obstacle course for you to go through.

Fourth, you can invite everyone to walk like animals, which is so funny.

This is a challenge and it is also so funny that I really want to recommend it to you is that you can invite your kids to walk around like some animals, just like turtles, kangaroos, crabs, gorillas and so on. There are so many animals that you all invite them to demonstrate, which not only does this get them moving, but also lets them think.

Fifth, you can invite all to have a pillow fight.

All of the kids have a pillow and jump on the bed or sofa to have a pillow fight, which must be a great great game for them. It is very suitable for a rainy day with kids. You even can create a pillow pile for a wonderful trampoline, which must be so cool that it can attract everybody’s eyes.

Finally, only with enough exercise and play, can your kids have a good sleep and eating habit. So please offer them a way to use up their physical energy. And we are good at supplying professional indoor playground which is very suitable for indoor activities in cold winter. Just contact us now.

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