Indoor children's amusement park

Indoor children’s amusement park: This is the real meaning of a company

For many families, it is a rare opportunity for parents to get along with their children. Many parents are so busy with their work that they have little time to play with their children and can only take them to indoor children’s parks on weekends.

However, because indoor children’s play equipment is designed to fit children’s physical characteristics, it can be difficult for adults to play.

As a result, the current indoor children’s park is generally such a status quo: parents in the outside playing mobile phones or chat, children in the inside play, there is little interaction between parents and children.

For parents, taking their children to indoor playgrounds is no longer a pleasure, but a routine task. For children, they are not being able to play with mom and dad, which can also be frustrating. Such a phenomenon for the operation of indoor children’s park is not a good thing, it will cause the loss of customers.

So, are there any parent-child activities that are suitable for both adults and children? That way, parents don’t have to wait and kids can enjoy playing with their parents. Such a pleasant experience will make parents and children like an indoor playground. Indoor children’s park operating conditions will be better.

Here I would like to introduce some parent-child activities in the indoor playground.

1.Millions of ocean balls

When the million ocean ball first appeared in the shopping mall, it is such a kind of amusement project that has the magic power of gathering people’s attention, so it is popular among the shopping malls. In fact, millions of ocean ball can not only gather people, but it is also a good parent-child indoor children’s play! Today, the million ocean ball is part of an indoor children’s playground.

There are no frames, and parents don’t have to worry about hitting their heads or getting stuck. You can play a big skateboard with your child, go under the ocean ball and play peek-a-boo with your child, cooperate with your child to push a soft toy forward, teach your child to see colors and count… Enjoy yourself.

2.EPP blocks

Like the millions of ocean ball pool, EPP blocks are gradually integrated into the overall design of the indoor children’s park and become part of the indoor children’s park.

Building blocks are also a good parent-child amusement project! Parents and children can use scattered blocks together to build a variety of objects, it needs participation and interaction.

Not only building blocks for the enlightenment of children’s wisdom, but the cultivation of children’s concentration is also important! As children build blocks, parents will be surprised to find that their little ones have unexpected creativity and imagination. It’s also a chance for parents to get to know their children better.

3.The devil slide

Ordinary slides can only be the children’s favorite, parents do not have the slightest interest, but the devil slide is not the same. Not only does it make children cry, but it also makes parents want to try it.

On weekdays, it is parents who cheer their children on. This time, let the kids cheer for the parents!

4.Big trampoline

When you were a kid, did you love jumping around on the bed at home? At that time, the quality of the bed was not so good, and the direct result was called off by parents, you are not alone!

Every moment of jumping in the air is the release of the self. A brief period of weightlessness can be exhilarating. Studies have shown that jumping is not only good for the development of children’s physical function and coordination but also good for the elongation of children’s height and brain development. Trampoline sports are popular in the United States, Europe, Australia, and other countries.

5.DIY manual area

For the parents who like to knead all sorts of weird shape thing with mud when they were young, the manual area can make them enjoy the happy time with the child, it also can make up for the regret of their childhood! When I was a child, I was scolded for playing mud. Now, no one has to take care of me.

In today’s fast life, parents and children spend little time together. For parents, the parent-child category of indoor children’s park is undoubtedly more attractive to them. Indoor children’s park might as well join some parent-child indoor amusement equipment, which helps to improve the popularity!

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