Breakout Arcade Ticket Redemption Video Game machine

Dive yourself into endless bounding fun with Breakout Arcade Ticket Redemption Video Game machine

Maybe you don’t hear about the term of “breakout” before, but most of us have actually played this game before. Breakout is a classic arcade game that is developed and published on May 13, 1976 and it officially got its name in 1972. When you are playing breakout game on a mobile device or an arcade game machine, you will find there is a layer of bricks lines the top third of the screen and your goal is to break them all. Hearing this description, many people will call back on all their happy memories related to this game. Next, I want to introduce to you a new kind of breakout arcade game machine that can provide you with a unique brick-breaking experience.

What is the breakout ticket redemption video game machine?

The classic Ateri video game called Breakout now comes to our life in the arcade game center and it can be played on the big screen. Over the past decades, millions of people have tried this game and many of them have become fans of Breakout. With special features and twists, this classic video arcade game has created a new way to entertain 21st century players. The modernized arcade game machine consists of a control panel that is connected to a huge HD scree. On the control panel, there are two mouse that are designed to be used by your two hands to manipulate two paddles in the game. The mouse has a very sensitive reaction system so that it can send an accurate command to the paddle. Also, you can ask one of your friends to play together and each of you will take control of one single mouse. In this way, you will feel easier to accomplish the game goal. Once the game starts, you will see a layer of bricks lines the top third of the screen that needs you to destroy them all. At the same time, you will see a bouncing ball moving straight around the screen by bouncing off the top and two sides of the screen. When the ball fly towards the bottom of the screen, you have to move the paddle horizontally to bounce it upward. If the ball hits a brick, the brick will automatically disappear. It also means you have successfully destroyed the brick.

Features of Breakout Arcade Ticket Redemption Video Game machine

  • Huge monitor: Just settled in front of the player, the monitor is mounted vertically in the height of 65”. It also employed latest technology in production so that it can show high-definition graphics to the player.
  • Multi-Ball mode: Usually, it is suitable for primary players because it has the simplest single- ball mode. If you want to add more challenge to this game, you can also choose the multi-ball mode that will ask you to response faster.
  • Instant ticket: For center actions, we offer instant ticket to help those new comers to get some fun.

The Breakout game will test your agility and response most because you have to make a quick reaction to the movement of the bouncing ball. This game is both suitable for single or dual player because it has two paddles in the game.

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