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3 hottest kids bumper car

Kids like to ride toy cars in the playground and adults like to drive all kinds of vehicles. It seems that riding or driving can always bring to us endless fun and exhilarating feelings in a special way. Thus, you can see all kinds of ride toys for kids or adults in the indoor playground or play park. Those simulated riding toys always appear in different appearances and sizes. Also, they usually have an accelerator pedal or handle that can be used to speed up or decelerate. By experience different speed, people can always get lots of fun from the riding or driving. Next, let me introduce three hottest types of kids bumper car to you.

Safety Kids Bumper Car Electric Amusement Game Machine


The machine has high-simulated handles that can produce a real feeling when you are riding. It can move forward and backward, as well as turn right and left with a simple operation. It has employed jet-shaped sound that can give you’re a real feeling of acceleration and deceleration.

How to play

This kind of electric ride machine is more suitable for kids above 6 who can hold on steadily while riding. Riders have to hold handles tightly when the motorcycle makes a move or turn. Of course, it has a strongly limited highest speed so that it will be very safe.

Battery King of Drift Bumper Car


It can easily rotate in 360 degrees so that an all-round collision is available. Also, it has roller coaster wheel kind of wheels that can facilitate a stable and smooth move. Apart from these, its seat has an ergonomic configuration that can make a more comfortable riding experience. One more, it has a novel appearance to attract more attention.

How to play

It was design with a remoted control system that is run by field operators. There are two different speed gear accessible for divers to experience. Before your driving, you will be asked to buckle up seat belt first to ensure you won’t fall out of the car during a wild collision. At the same time, you will also have time to change the playing music into your liked one. While driving, you can use the rocker aside the car to move forward or backward.

Battery Bumper Car Kiddie Ride

According to your needs, we can teach you how to adjust the travel time, as well as the number of coins needed for each travel. This kind of ride machine has a not so big size so that it is suitable for many venues like amusement parks or community parks. The gorgeous built-in lanterns will create a blazing atmosphere when it is in moving.

How to play

Use your coins to get electricity through, then, you can ride it casually within the settled time. Remember to lower your upper body when it speeds up or decelerates so that you will not fall down easily.

Today, there are many kinds of kids bumper car that can provide you with different riding experiences in those indoor parks. You can always see a smile on their faces while they are playing bumper cars.

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